Spell Manifestation Rules

Per the Paizo FAQ all spells have some kind of manifestation. I’m going codify things a little bit more and say that the act of casting any spell has both visual and auditory sensory components. This is the general rule. I’m sure we will find spells where it’s obvious that they should not have either or both sensory components, and I will create a list below of those spells. All of this is entirely separate from any sensory components that the spell itself has. For instance, obviously Fireball has visual, auditory, touch and maybe even scent sensory components.

Casting a spell while invisible does not hide any of the sensory components of casting the spell.


This section lists those spells that we have agreed are absent one or both of the spell casting sensory components.

Spell Spell Casting Sensory Components

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Spell Manifestation Rules

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