Character Creation

For everything below, the general rule is Paizo-published only.

Ability Scores 20 point buy
Hit Points Max at first level. Every level thereafter you may choose between PFS-style average HP, or roll. However, if you decide to roll there will be no re-rolls! You have to live with that 1 if it comes up.
Alignment Any Evil
Classes and Archetypes Any Paizo-published with the following exceptions: If you want to play a Summoner, you MUST use the Unchained Summoner rules. Other Unchained classes are allowed, and you may pick Core or Unchained version. Vigilante is allowed, however we will need to have a deep discussion about how you will be interacting with the group in each of your personas. If you will be multi-classing, we will be using the Fractional Advancement rules.
Races Any Paizo, except for the following: Android, Goblin, Hobgoblin, Kobold, Orc, Ghoran, Monkey Goblin, Lashunta, Wyvaran, Vishkanya, Svirfneblin. Alternate race traits, and variant heritages are allowed. Variant Abilities and Physical Features are NOT allowed.
Traits One campaign trait from the Hell’s Vengeance Player’s Guide, and one other non-campaign trait. If you have a character concept that doesn’t seem to mesh well with any of the existing campaign traits, let me know and we can work together to come up with something appropriate. You may optionally choose to take a Drawback and a third trait.
Skills We will be using the Background Skills rules from Pathfinder Unchained. Unchained Rogues will have access to Skill Unlocks via their Rogue’s Edge class feature. Skill unlocks will not be available to other classes, and Signature Skill is not a legal feat.
Starting Gold Class Average, or level-based Wealth-By-Level if starting higher than level 1.
Backstory I don’t need you to write me a novel, but the more information I have at my disposal the easier it will be to incorporate your personal story into the campaign. At a minimum you should determine what your motivation is for defending Cheliax and House Thrune, and provide 1-3 medium-to-long term goals for your character. We can work together to flesh it out as time goes on. Please create an entry on the Characters page for your character. I don’t need to see a character sheet there (in fact, PLEASE DO NOT put one there), but it’s a good place to iterate on backstory and have private, durable conversations when we’re away from FG.
Starting Out (ignore if not starting out at level 1) Each of you have been roped into a job by Cimri Staelish. The job is a simple burglary. Tell me how Cimri found you or knows you. Also, if any of you know each other prior to the start of the campaign, let me know that as well, along with the connection.

See the House Rules page for other rules modifications that may affect character creation.

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Character Creation

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