Hell's Vengeance

The Steward of the Skein

...or, you really pissed off Pharasma...

You repelled, killed, smashed and mutilated Mother Thestia and all of her charges in the cathedral. But just as Eca finally managed to demolish the doors of the Reliquary, an otherworldly being materialized above the pulpit in a flash of light. Donovan was able to recognize the form of no less than The Herald of Pharasma herself: The Steward of the Skein! In a commanding voice, The Steward demanded that you all stand down at once, or be relegated to The Boneyard!



Prideful/cocky Tiberius saw her and even he knew better. He saw her and though “Nope, nope, nope!”

The Steward of the Skein

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