Hell's Vengeance

The Oathday Massacre

...wherein the party gets away with murder and mayhem...

After much debate, a plan was agreed upon. A wagon bearing bombs and undead would come crashing into the Oathday Market. Townsfolk would die. Tents would burn.

And for the most part, the plan went off without a hitch. The element of surprise was firmly on your side. You each planted yourselves surreptitiously throughout the market, some of you in disguise, awaiting the arrival of the wagon. When it arrived, those attending the market were caught unawares. Bombs exploded on cue, killing half a dozen innocents before any had time to react.

Eca was able to mask his assaults behind a facade of helpfulness, inflicting wracking pain upon the guards in attendance. Donovan cleverly used his skeletons to deflect any blame from himself, feigning innocence. Minato expounded doom and woe upon any who would listen, and when no one was watching, vomited up a swarm of spiders to cause even more chaos. Tiberius, likewise, preached on the betrayal of the Glorious Reclamation and the hopelessness infecting Kantaria.

As the undead shambled from one victim to the next, the Hound Archon broke from his patrol to defend those in need, while two other Glorious Reclamation squires ushered townsfolk to safety. It wasn’t until Donovan unwisely decided to have one of his skeletons pretend to attack him that the guards had any clue what was really going on. But by that time it was too late. All of the townsfolk had either fled, or been slain. Now it was safe to abandon your disguises and lay into the hated Glorious Reclamation forces.

But even as the Hound Archon fell, two more shadowy assailants appeared from nowhere, flanking poor Tiberius. One slashed him across the chest, spinning him directly into the path of the others’ blade which impaled his chest, through and through. Tiberius still seemed to standing though, when suddenly with a gasp and a convulsion Tiberius’ eyes rolled back in his head. He only had time to spit out a hastily uttered curse through clenched lips before he collapsed to the ground, unmoving.

The rest of you converged, bent on assistance and revenge. Minato arrived at Tiberius’ side with a potion at the ready only to find his body already cold and hard with rigor mortis. Needing to finish off the last two attackers before more help arrived you concentrated on that. Cimri arrived just in time to provide some well-timed back-stabbing and clever sword-play, and then the battle was over.

Donovan rushed to his friends side ready to offer assistance. But a quick check confirmed what he already suspected. This was no normal death. Lifting the dead body and slinging it over his shoulder, the rest could hear him say something about ‘making preparations’ and then he strode away with purpose toward the Little Uskwood with laughter on his lips.



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