Ordyn (Estrovain)

Arcanist of the Egorian Academy of Magical Arts, Asmodean Inquisitor


At the close of the Chelish civil war, Lord Theydor Estrovain (head of Westcrown minor noble house, beholden to House Tilernos) foolishly rejected the devil-bound supremacy of House Thrune. The night before Theydor and his wife were arrested, they entrusted their two young children, Hondre and Aurelia to a Knight of Ozem and family member of their vassal house Tilernos.

Theydor and his wife were summarily executed for treason, and their estate was confiscated. The children had escaped and were raised in hiding, their true identity remaining a secret. They were frequently fostered to different Chelish “old nobility”, providing a valuable education and fueling a seething hatred for the Thrunes.

The children returned to Westcrown as adults, establishing themselves among merchants and lesser nobles, but still kept their true heritage hidden. Hondre married for love – the daughter of a Westcrown barrister who proudly proclaimed the purity of his Chelish lineage for over 20 generations. Hondre unfortunately had only one son, Ordyn, as his wife died in childbirth. Too devastated to raise his child on his own, Ordyn was first fostered to his aunt Aurelia.

Aurelia had done well, marrying a minor noble, albeit a weak-willed one. She was running the estate and frequently hosted gatherings of her former foster families where illicit discussions happened focused on their hatred of the Thrune Regime.

Aurelia taught Ordyn about his lineage in minute details, recounting the estates they used to own, and the unfairness of their fate. Her intent to seed her Thrune hatred fell flat on Ordyn. He grew contempt for his aunt and father for continuing to remain on the losing side, condemning him, and his name, to a life of mediocrity. Ordyn was intellectually gifted and began forming a plan for his own life.

He maneuvered to have Aurelia, through her husband’s contacts, register him to the Egorian Academy of the Magical Arts. He was hoping, by being far from his family and closer to the throne, that he would be able to find an angle to gain status through alliances with the “new powers”.
His plan met with bitter disappointment. Even within the Academy, he was repetitively frustrated by a rigid caste, inspired by power hierarchy of Hell. The infernal binding program was reserved to those of noble birth or connections within the Egorian regime. Schooled in magical crafting, he seemed destined for the life of an artisan. He stubbornly kept on studying other magical fields, and his gift for Enchantments was noticed by a Master of the Academy.

Ordyn seized those seconds of fame to pitch his burning ambitions. Amused, the Master offered to host a devil binding for him, should he provide a sacrifice worthy enough. He got his father kidnapped and brought to Egorian for the event. It was through this sacrifice of his father that Ordyn naively sold his soul to a devil. The Academy Master was both impressed by Ordyn’s untrained infernal negotiations, and the depth of his power ambitions. Though he told Ordyn he had been a fool to sell his soul for as little, and offered to spend a year teaching him the intricacies of Infernal Contracts.
Ordyn thought his luck had finally turned. He was sorely disappointed once again. Despite the valuable knowledge he had learnt, his lineage was still a fatal hinderance at raising his status within the noble circles. His Master, then having moved on to other amusements, recommended Ordyn for a position at the Asmodean Inquisition on the basis of his magical and deductive skills, and as a runway to increase his power.

While Ordyn wasn’t particularly religious, the Inquisition enjoyed power and autonomy that may fulfill his heart’s burning desire better than the Chelish Nobility. He played the part and joined the Inquisition, the best tool at his disposal at the time.

Ordyn (Estrovain)

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