Lord Tiberius of house Malefactoris

Tyrant Antipaladin


While decked out in noble finery, he isn’t afraid to get his hands ‘dirty’. People usually first notice his striking sapphire blue eyes, and his powerful build. When he speaks people can get a glimpse of his uniquely sharp lion like sharp teeth, which he tends not to flash unless angry or in combat. He also has a gift for charm and while he can woo with words, when words fail, he happily brings to bear his more physical Asmodean given abilities to force the weak into their proper place.


He was adopted as a child by House Malefactoris (80 years ago) and while those on the outside envied his apparent ‘fortune’ he wasn’t adopted for ‘altruistic’ reasons. He was adopted for what he might become, and so they raised him with the compassionless precision Asmodeus demanded, ingraining in him the value of fear and order, turning him into a weapon for house Malefactoris to wield.

Campaign start: Tiberius was ordered by Dominus to go to Longacre, to support the local Thrune agents, securing the town against possible insurrection. Before Tiberius left he talked Donovan into going with him, enticing him with the opportunities for profit and the likelihood of seeing/making dead bodies.

Bio on how Tiberius knows Donovan: Tiberius met Donovan Azhar when his master had dealings with his Tiberius's father over 20 years ago and they became friends sharing similar ideologies and world views, the fact that they both live longer lives then humans helped a lot too (note Tiberius is currently 80 years old).

Crunchy bits:

Race: (Angleblooded) Aasimar

Traits: Chelish Noble (campaign trait), Adopted > Latent Psion

Drawback: Power Hungry

Bonus trait: Reactionary

Class: Antipaladin (Tyrant) :

Lord Tiberius of house Malefactoris

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