Eca Rett

Half-Orc Blood Kineticist


Race Half-orc
Class: Blood Kineticist
Campaign trait: scion of the nine hells

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Eca is not the largest half-orc standing at only 5’7” but he is hardy. He now spends time trying to keep the rebellions and dissenters in check. He has been living in Longacre for a few years now, and has even done some odd jobs for the leaders of the town. Currently he is trying to work his way up in the country. He doesn’t feel the need to lead, but wouldn’t oppose the chance. He does not judge based on your race or gender, even though he still has some issues with humans, and does not like to see people put down just based on those standards; but feels you should not overstep the bounds of your social standing and should work within the system if you wish to move up in the world.

Eca Rett

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