Hell's Vengeance

The Heist

how to distract and misdirect caravan guards for fun and profit

Razelago made his presence known as you were getting ready to bed-down for the night. Retiring to one of the back rooms in the Little Uskwood, Razelago appeared and presented some interesting information. “Tomorrow”, he said, “a wagon full of supplies for the Glorious Reclamation is due to arrive in Kantaria. Making those supplies disappear would strike a decisive blow for your uprising, and sow doubt and fear in the minds of our enemies. The wagon and its guards will be making it’s way here from the north along the main road through the forest. I will leave the details in your capable hands.”

With that, Razelago vanished in a burst of brimstone. After some heated discussion of how to proceed, and little agreement amongst yourselves, you decided to simply ambush the wagon first, and figure out what to do with the wagon and it’s contents after.

The next morning, you set out early to find an ideal spot for an ambush and prepare yourselves. When the wagon arrived, Minato, disguised as a helpless old man, ran out in front of the wagon and it’s guards apparently being chased by two of Donovan’s skeletons. As hoped, the wagon ground to a halt, and the lead guard moved to defend Minato from the undead menace. At that, the rest of you burst from cover and quickly mowed down the seven guards and seized the wagon.

Minato and Donovan returned to town to acquire bails of hay to hide the shipment in the Little Uskwood’s stable, while the others waited with the wagon until nightfall. This had to be moved once because of a threat from a seemingly sentient huge foggy mass that was heading in your direction. Finally, under the cover of darkness, the wagon was driven back into town and the cargo was stashed.

Everyone found some time during the day to follow up with your various contacts. At this point Jana and Loredana are firmly in your camp, and some leverage points against Oppian and Linton have been uncovered which should make further attempts to influence them much easier.

Tomorrow is Oathday, and you are now gathered back at the Little Uskwood discussing preparations to disrupt the market and sow more chaos in town.



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