Hell's Vengeance

Breakfast at Tiffany's...err...Narikopolous Manor

in which the instigators make new frenemies and acquire a pet

Having been invited to brunch by acting-Governor Oppian Nevilindor you arrived at Narikopolous Manor, only to be immediately distracted by what appeared to be a smoldering fire down the street. The good folk of Kantaria seemed to be avoiding the site, but no one seemed to be rushing to put out the fires either.

Moving to investigate, you noticed that this burning building was formerly Groat’s Smithy, and was now little more than a few ruined walls. The site was dotted with isolated burning fires, seemingly being fed by nothing, and emanating magical auras. Donovan inquired a passer-by about the site and determined that a fateful battle between Oppian Nevilindor and his friend Tychus Groat had occurred here shortly after the occupation of Kantaria by the Glorious Reclamation. The site had been burning and smoldering every since, and the people of Kantaria avoided the place. Some folks believed it was haunted by the ghost of Tychus Groat, others believed a devil dwelled there, and others still believed in some combination of the two. Loredana was unable to provide any additional details.

Tiberius cautiously approached the nearest of the fires, with the intent of extinguishing it. Upon getting within striking distance however, the fire animated and struck at him. This first elemental was quickly dispatched, but just as quickly another appeared out of another fire. Cimri noticed another shape, darker and more solid, lurking in the back of the ruins and pointed it out to the group. Minato identified the creature as an Ukobach, or Tinder Devil. After some tense negotiation and scrambling around, you were finally able to convince the creature that you meant it no harm, and in fact, were on its side. Minato made a big show to the crowd of onlookers, explaining what the creature was and how Tiberius was going to vanquish it. Tiberius, to his credit, did a similarly good job of pretending the kill the thing so that the crowd believed the former smithy was now rid of evil influences.

The devil introduced itself as Brextur, and was keen to enact vengeance upon the one who had killed it’s former friend and master, Tychus Groat. It agreed to help you in any way it could, and you arranged to pick him up after brunch and take him with you back to the Little Uskwood.

Returning to Narikopolous Manor, you were warmly greeted at the front door by Oppian Nevilindor, who ushered you back to the opulent dining room where several other individuals sat around the table. Oppian introduced each of them to you:

  • Faydreth Zayne, Rassophor (a non-military rank) of the Glorious Reclamation and caretaker of Narikopolous Manor.
  • Jalila Hadjara, the current warden of Hardship’s Hearth, the detainment camp maintained outside of town where Thrune Loyalists are being kept.
  • Jana Holdus, the owner and proprietor of the Sweetest Drop Tavern, who you had met the previous night.
  • Linton Demeer, the owner and proprietor of Healthy Heart Alchemicals, a seller of restoratives and curatives in town.

The brunch was pleasant and you had a chance to get to know each of the members of the governing council.

Afterwards, you retired to the Little Uskwood for another round of planning. Tiberius snuck out disguised as Faydreth Zaine to purchase some onyx gems for Donovan. The intent was to have Donovan’s undead disrupt the upcoming Oathday Market, and attempt to shift some of the blame onto the councilman.



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