Hell's Vengeance

The Steward of the Skein
...or, you really pissed off Pharasma...

You repelled, killed, smashed and mutilated Mother Thestia and all of her charges in the cathedral. But just as Eca finally managed to demolish the doors of the Reliquary, an otherworldly being materialized above the pulpit in a flash of light. Donovan was able to recognize the form of no less than The Herald of Pharasma herself: The Steward of the Skein! In a commanding voice, The Steward demanded that you all stand down at once, or be relegated to The Boneyard!



After spending many uneventful weeks trudging through the western reaches of the Whisperwood, you decided to return to Senara briefly to sell and refit, and then head out in a different direction. The next day you came across the corpse of a dead owlbear that had been killed by some kind of slashing weapon, and had blood on its own claws as if it died defending itself. Eca was able to read the blood of both the owlbear, and the blood on its claws, to determine that two Barbazu, aka Bearded Devils, had killed the owlbear and been injured in the process. You followed a side trail back to the lair of the owlbear and found three of its cubs, which you quickly subdued and manacled. Returning to the owlbear mother, you were able to find and follow the trail of the bearded devils to the southeast. You eventually hit the main road and saw the devil’s trail continuing on the other side.

At this point, you decided to return to Senara again where you found a buyer for the owlbear cubs. You then crossed the river at Senara and traveled back upriver to where you thought the devils might have crossed. You picked up their trail and began following it south east once again. Shortly thereafter the devils appeared to either side of Tiberius, via teleportation, and attacked. Even though Tiberius was disguised, the devils taunted him and mocked his attempts to conceal his true identity, as if they had prior knowledge of him and the rest of the group. In attacking the party, they seemed to be seeking the approval of someone, or something, named Visperthul. You managed to defeat one of them, but the other one teleported away. Its parting message before leaving: “We will meet again at the Inferno Gate!”

While the rest of the group was celebrating the victory and debating what to do next, the ever-alert Eca noticed a ragged strip of parchment tied to the handle of the devil’s glaive. None of you could make out what it said though. Read Magic, Linguistics, and even Comprehend Languages were unable to decipher it’s contents. You then returned to Citadel Ordeial to turn in your bounties (blink dogs and the one bearded devil). While you were there, you performed some experiments with the parchment and some innocent bystanders at the fort. Based on these experiments, Minato was able to deduce that the parchment’s writing was an Illusory Script. Armed with this knowledge, you returned to Senara yet again, located a spellcaster able to cast True Seeing and paid them to decipher the parchment.

After reading the parchment you first felt disbelief, and then rage:


Liberating Valor's Fastness...
...comes with a price!

Oppian Nevilindor stepped forward, chanting in a loud confident voice. A flash of divine energy and loud crack left everyone in the room save Brextur and Minato blinded, the zombie manticore a dissolving pile of ash, Donovan sprawled out on the table dead. All that remained of Nur’Xayax was a faint blackened outline on the far wall.

“Lay down your arms and surrender. No one else need die here!” Oppian exclaimed. The rest of you had other ideas.

Minato cut loose with a blinding spell of his own, affecting Oppian and all his allies but worsening Tiberius’ condition as well. Minato then quickly shut the door to the storage room.

The struggle took on comic proportions as blinded foes attempted to strike each other. But the blindness of the Holy Smite quickly wore off and the battle was rejoined with renewed vigor.

Mindaliel vanished and reappeared in the store room with Eca and Minato. Cimri leapt astride Donovan’s corpse atop the table and attempted to skewer one of the knights. Tiberius laid about him with Sinderbos and bite. The situation, which looked grim only moments before began to turn in favor of the intruders. Oppian’s stolid mien cracked as he began to see the futility of the situation and he began openly weeping and mumbling.

In the store room, Eca repeatedly blasted Mindaliel, but it was finally Minato’s slumber hex that dropped the archon. With a satisfied smirk and a wry comment Eca finished the job, his focused blast of water crushing the outsider’s skull into pulp.

Back in the council room, one knight was down already, and the other was frantically defending itself from Cimri’s onslaught, only barely avoiding her blows. Oppian and Tiberius were engaged in a war of attrition, each slowly whittling down the others’ health with each stroke. That is, until Minato opened the door and felled Oppian and the remaining knight with a single bolt of lightning.

The head of the Glorious Reclamation in Kantaria had been cut off, but not without exacting a price. Now all that remained was to purge the fort of any remaining Glorious Reclamation troops and take full control….

The Oathday Massacre
...wherein the party gets away with murder and mayhem...

After much debate, a plan was agreed upon. A wagon bearing bombs and undead would come crashing into the Oathday Market. Townsfolk would die. Tents would burn.

And for the most part, the plan went off without a hitch. The element of surprise was firmly on your side. You each planted yourselves surreptitiously throughout the market, some of you in disguise, awaiting the arrival of the wagon. When it arrived, those attending the market were caught unawares. Bombs exploded on cue, killing half a dozen innocents before any had time to react.

Eca was able to mask his assaults behind a facade of helpfulness, inflicting wracking pain upon the guards in attendance. Donovan cleverly used his skeletons to deflect any blame from himself, feigning innocence. Minato expounded doom and woe upon any who would listen, and when no one was watching, vomited up a swarm of spiders to cause even more chaos. Tiberius, likewise, preached on the betrayal of the Glorious Reclamation and the hopelessness infecting Kantaria.

As the undead shambled from one victim to the next, the Hound Archon broke from his patrol to defend those in need, while two other Glorious Reclamation squires ushered townsfolk to safety. It wasn’t until Donovan unwisely decided to have one of his skeletons pretend to attack him that the guards had any clue what was really going on. But by that time it was too late. All of the townsfolk had either fled, or been slain. Now it was safe to abandon your disguises and lay into the hated Glorious Reclamation forces.

But even as the Hound Archon fell, two more shadowy assailants appeared from nowhere, flanking poor Tiberius. One slashed him across the chest, spinning him directly into the path of the others’ blade which impaled his chest, through and through. Tiberius still seemed to standing though, when suddenly with a gasp and a convulsion Tiberius’ eyes rolled back in his head. He only had time to spit out a hastily uttered curse through clenched lips before he collapsed to the ground, unmoving.

The rest of you converged, bent on assistance and revenge. Minato arrived at Tiberius’ side with a potion at the ready only to find his body already cold and hard with rigor mortis. Needing to finish off the last two attackers before more help arrived you concentrated on that. Cimri arrived just in time to provide some well-timed back-stabbing and clever sword-play, and then the battle was over.

Donovan rushed to his friends side ready to offer assistance. But a quick check confirmed what he already suspected. This was no normal death. Lifting the dead body and slinging it over his shoulder, the rest could hear him say something about ‘making preparations’ and then he strode away with purpose toward the Little Uskwood with laughter on his lips.

The Heist
how to distract and misdirect caravan guards for fun and profit

Razelago made his presence known as you were getting ready to bed-down for the night. Retiring to one of the back rooms in the Little Uskwood, Razelago appeared and presented some interesting information. “Tomorrow”, he said, “a wagon full of supplies for the Glorious Reclamation is due to arrive in Kantaria. Making those supplies disappear would strike a decisive blow for your uprising, and sow doubt and fear in the minds of our enemies. The wagon and its guards will be making it’s way here from the north along the main road through the forest. I will leave the details in your capable hands.”

With that, Razelago vanished in a burst of brimstone. After some heated discussion of how to proceed, and little agreement amongst yourselves, you decided to simply ambush the wagon first, and figure out what to do with the wagon and it’s contents after.

The next morning, you set out early to find an ideal spot for an ambush and prepare yourselves. When the wagon arrived, Minato, disguised as a helpless old man, ran out in front of the wagon and it’s guards apparently being chased by two of Donovan’s skeletons. As hoped, the wagon ground to a halt, and the lead guard moved to defend Minato from the undead menace. At that, the rest of you burst from cover and quickly mowed down the seven guards and seized the wagon.

Minato and Donovan returned to town to acquire bails of hay to hide the shipment in the Little Uskwood’s stable, while the others waited with the wagon until nightfall. This had to be moved once because of a threat from a seemingly sentient huge foggy mass that was heading in your direction. Finally, under the cover of darkness, the wagon was driven back into town and the cargo was stashed.

Everyone found some time during the day to follow up with your various contacts. At this point Jana and Loredana are firmly in your camp, and some leverage points against Oppian and Linton have been uncovered which should make further attempts to influence them much easier.

Tomorrow is Oathday, and you are now gathered back at the Little Uskwood discussing preparations to disrupt the market and sow more chaos in town.

Breakfast at Tiffany's...err...Narikopolous Manor
in which the instigators make new frenemies and acquire a pet

Having been invited to brunch by acting-Governor Oppian Nevilindor you arrived at Narikopolous Manor, only to be immediately distracted by what appeared to be a smoldering fire down the street. The good folk of Kantaria seemed to be avoiding the site, but no one seemed to be rushing to put out the fires either.

Moving to investigate, you noticed that this burning building was formerly Groat’s Smithy, and was now little more than a few ruined walls. The site was dotted with isolated burning fires, seemingly being fed by nothing, and emanating magical auras. Donovan inquired a passer-by about the site and determined that a fateful battle between Oppian Nevilindor and his friend Tychus Groat had occurred here shortly after the occupation of Kantaria by the Glorious Reclamation. The site had been burning and smoldering every since, and the people of Kantaria avoided the place. Some folks believed it was haunted by the ghost of Tychus Groat, others believed a devil dwelled there, and others still believed in some combination of the two. Loredana was unable to provide any additional details.

Tiberius cautiously approached the nearest of the fires, with the intent of extinguishing it. Upon getting within striking distance however, the fire animated and struck at him. This first elemental was quickly dispatched, but just as quickly another appeared out of another fire. Cimri noticed another shape, darker and more solid, lurking in the back of the ruins and pointed it out to the group. Minato identified the creature as an Ukobach, or Tinder Devil. After some tense negotiation and scrambling around, you were finally able to convince the creature that you meant it no harm, and in fact, were on its side. Minato made a big show to the crowd of onlookers, explaining what the creature was and how Tiberius was going to vanquish it. Tiberius, to his credit, did a similarly good job of pretending the kill the thing so that the crowd believed the former smithy was now rid of evil influences.

The devil introduced itself as Brextur, and was keen to enact vengeance upon the one who had killed it’s former friend and master, Tychus Groat. It agreed to help you in any way it could, and you arranged to pick him up after brunch and take him with you back to the Little Uskwood.

Returning to Narikopolous Manor, you were warmly greeted at the front door by Oppian Nevilindor, who ushered you back to the opulent dining room where several other individuals sat around the table. Oppian introduced each of them to you:

  • Faydreth Zayne, Rassophor (a non-military rank) of the Glorious Reclamation and caretaker of Narikopolous Manor.
  • Jalila Hadjara, the current warden of Hardship’s Hearth, the detainment camp maintained outside of town where Thrune Loyalists are being kept.
  • Jana Holdus, the owner and proprietor of the Sweetest Drop Tavern, who you had met the previous night.
  • Linton Demeer, the owner and proprietor of Healthy Heart Alchemicals, a seller of restoratives and curatives in town.

The brunch was pleasant and you had a chance to get to know each of the members of the governing council.

Afterwards, you retired to the Little Uskwood for another round of planning. Tiberius snuck out disguised as Faydreth Zaine to purchase some onyx gems for Donovan. The intent was to have Donovan’s undead disrupt the upcoming Oathday Market, and attempt to shift some of the blame onto the councilman.

Louslik Tannery
A Plan Gone South

The party took a job with Cimri to break into and rob the tax payments from Louslik Tannery. Donovan distracted the proprietor by knocking on the front door and carrying on a conversation, while the rest of the party entered through a gap in the rear fence.
Chesska made enough noise to be detected and the entire party were forced to fight Jabral Louslik and his two dogs. Despite Tiberius and Cimri being rendered unconscious the party managed to overcome the opposition, heal their wounds, and make off with Jabral’s lockbox.
The party escaped to head back to their rendezvous at Ash house.


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