Once per day, you can make an Influence check on an NPC. An Influence can use Bluff (to pretend to be friendly), Intimidate (to frighten the NPC into submission), or one or more skills specific to each NPC. These specific skills can be discovered via Sense Motive. For the purposes of the situations in this Adventure Path, the assumption is made that you’re not actually trying to make friends with the NPCs in question, so Diplomacy is not applicable. All of the NPCs in question are members of the Glorious Reclamation, so ultimately they are your enemies.

Each PC is limited to a single NPC with which to garner Influence. Multiple PCs can try to influence the same NPC, but the successes do not stack. Each PC will need to influence the NPC on their own merits.

Each NPC has a social stat block in addition to their regular stat block. This stat block includes their Influence DC and the number of successful Influence checks required to successfully Influence that NPC. Every 5 by which you exceed the DC grants an additional success. Each NPC grants a unique useful benefit to the PC once they have been successfully Influenced.

NPCs also have weaknesses that you can exploit. The method of discovering an NPCs weakness varies. On any day, you may attempt to ascertain an NPCs weakness in lieu of performing an Influence check. Determining an NPCs weakness grants a +4 on all subsequent Influence checks.

Since each NPC has a specific set of skills that can be used for Influence checks, everyone should endeavor to discover which NPC they are best suited to try to Influence.

I will make it clear when you meet NPCs to whom these rules apply, as it won’t be every NPC you meet.

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