Chesska (Retired)

Drow Slayer


Chesska has stark white hair. She is still a very young Drow heiress. Cold, secretive, impersonal and calculating on one hand, Chesska’s passions and temper can quickly flare from seemingly nowhere.

Chesska’s family were minor nobility amongst the Drow of the Underdark, her House were perennially scheming for greater things but always on the outside of any real power.

Her distant cousin fell to feuding with a much more powerful House and after killing several of her enemies that cousin went into hiding with Chesska’s kin. Retribution came swiftly, as is common in the Underdark. Over a short span of weeks, more and more of Chesska’s kin were “removed” and her family further weakened.

After Chesska saw her parents slain, realizing the feud was resulting in the complete extermination of the females of her own House, she escaped her pursuers and fled topside into the light. The bright light.

Being so readily recognized and often despised in the surface world, Chesska fled to Cheliax and the service of House Thrune as a matter of survival, where her talents as a covert operative and murderess without conscience are appreciated.

Chesska (Retired)

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